Car interior decor: 1 natural dragon pendant with tassels


Car interior decor: 1 natural dragon pendant with tassels


Inch size: length: 13.8;  Ø of pendant: 2; T: 0.2.

MM size:  lenght: 350;   Ø of pendant: 50;  T: 5.

LB weight: 0.06.  Gram weight: 27.

Materials: dragon jade pendants, tassels.

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There are many options for car interior decor. This car mirror hanging decoration is made with one natural jade pendant and red tassels. The carved pendant is a dragon, and the color of the tassel is fresh red. The dragons have great signs in traditional Chinese feng shui.

What are the symbols of the Chinese dragon?

Dragon has a strong entrepreneurial spirit. The impression of dragons in various arts is mostly of flying dragons, soaring dragons, or galloping dragons, full of vigor, striving to make progress, mighty and unyielding. Most of the dragons in myths and legends are indomitable, unstoppable, and fearless. So such a design or theme is available on the round dragon wood panel based on traditional culture and legend.

The dragon also symbolizes the spirit of independence. The artistic impression of the Chinese dragon and various cultural phenomena related to the dragon are also self-contained and unique. In traditional Chinese culture, although dragon culture is closely related to Confucianism, Buddhism, and Taoism, it has always maintained relative independence and is not associated with any religion.

The dragon is sometimes combined with the phoenix. There is a very famous saying in traditional Chinese culture and civilization about dragons and phoenixes. That is prosperity brought by the dragon and the phoenix.

Hereby let us clarify something as below:

    1. Ø is the diameter. T is the thickness. MM is the unit of millimeters.
    2. We took all images ourselves. Real objects are a little bit better than the images shown on the site due to our poor photography skills. Our real objects look dim in the images. So please understand it.

There is a lot of personalized and unique Chinese-crafted decor in China.

You can see our car interior decor, natural jade stone rollers, and more. They are all handcrafted. Some designed items have special symbols behind them.

We can take 12 animals as an example. The zodiac is a group of 12 animals used by some people in China and East Asia to represent the year.

There are twelve animals, in order: rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, sheep, monkey, rooster, and dog. The pig: This is the so-called zodiac or animal sign. Everyone can find their zodiac sign according to their birth year. These designed animals are widely available in bracelets, pendants, and large jade statues.

Those themes of animals are frequently available in designed decor crafts. The dragon and phoenix are available as wooden carvings. The dragon is available in car interior decor.

Item Number: NGJ-730.

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