Wall art wood sculptures are carved into 2 birds on flowers


Wall art wood sculptures are carved into 2 birds on flowers


Inch size: Diameter: 11;   Thickness: 0.6.

MM size: Diameter: 280; Thickness: 12.

LB weight: 0.88;   Gram weight: 400.

The Material: Solid camphor wood.

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Wall art wood sculptures are round-shaped, and on the edges of the carvings there are some round carved spots for decoration. Camphor wood is the main material. Camphor is soft wood and ideal to sculpt. Such an awesome wood sculpture makes great wall art decor. Interior designers prefer wall art and wood sculptures as home hanging decor.

The pattern of the wood panel is carved with two birds on a flower. Birds are magpies, and flowers are plum blossoms. The magpie birds climbing on the plum blossoms mean a lot. Magpie climbing on the plum blossoms is often available at wall art wood sculptures.

So what is the meaning of two magpies climbing on the plum blossom?

The magpie climbing the plum blossom is one of the traditional Chinese auspicious patterns. The plum blossom is the messenger of spring, and the magpie is a symbol of good luck and fortune. According to folklore, all the magpies in the world will fly to the Tianhe River on Qixi Festival, and a magpie bridge will be built for the cowherd and weaver girl to meet each other.

Therefore, the magpie climbing the plum blossom symbolizes the arrival of auspiciousness, celebration, and good luck. The magpie has a melodious cry. In Chinese folklore, the magpie is regarded as a symbol of auspiciousness, symbolizing good luck and blessing.

Wall art wood sculptures are famous for their woody smell. Although soft wood is not a really expensive wood, it is ideal for carving. Camphor wood belongs to the soft wood family. so you can save less time sculpting soft wood than hard wood. And meanwhile, the smell of wood will get rid of insects.

Round wooden panels are perfect for hanging on the wall for home decoration. Of course, you can use the stand to display ornaments. Compared with unique natural jade jewelry, camphor wood is not a limited resource. but we still protect our forest’s wooden resources. We must avoid the random cutting of trees.

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