Chinese calligraphy brushes

chinese calligraphy brushes

Fine Chinese calligraphy brushes are handmade crafts, and people use them as writing or painting tools. Compared with pens such as pencils, fountain pens, and ball pens, calligraphy brushes are more skillful and difficult than the other three items because the wool is too soft. It is hard to have on hand. You need to practice writing or painting constantly. Generally speaking, we refer to the traditional brush as the writing or calligraphy brush. You can see how to make Chinese Brushes.

Our Chinese brush is completely different from the traditional writing brush. The biggest distinction is the part of the handle. In most conditions, people use straight bamboo or wood as handles, but we mainly make use of beaded stones. Beads are variable. They are agate beads, jade stones, turquoise, crystals, cloisonné enamel, porcelain and ceramics, carved bone beads, and more. Many of them are natural materials. The shapes of beads are round, square, oval, and more. They are not so regular. Anyway, all materials include beaded handles, polished bones, and soft animal wools.

decorative Chinese calligraphy brushes

Compared with Chinese writing, our brush is larger. The designs are more abundant. Also, there are many colors to choose from. So we refer to them as decorative brushes. The finish is rustic with antique or vintage styles. That is why Chinese calligraphy brushes are so popular for unique home decoration ideas. Meanwhile, it is an excellent option for gifted ideas.

chinese decorative calligraphy brush

Maybe you display calligraphy brushes on the wall for home art decoration. This is very similar to round wood carvings, and both of them are personalized wall art decorations. You may put them on desks as crafted accessories. They are still great when you put them in the wooden or metal stands. You can also frame them to hang on the wall. There are too many functional designs. You can visit our category of Chinese brush.

They are one of a kind, and all brushes are handmade with love and passion. Due to the nature of handmade objects, each piece is similar. We cannot provide you with the same one. Imperfection is associated with craftsmanship. There is a post about how to make Chinese brushes for you. Decorative art brushes are also known as Chinese calligraphy brushes. After reviewing both of them, you will find differences between decorative and calligraphy brushes.