The Human

My wife and I both were born in the 1980s in China. We have engaged in many industries since our university graduation. They are antique wooden furniture and accessories, chemical fibers, unique natural jade jewelry, hardware tools, and leather products. We have had export and import experience for about fifteen years as employees. We also have several years of experience opening physical stores in our local areas.

So far, with the development of online business, we’ve found StoreHuz.com to be our retailer’s online shop. When we communicate with people, sincerity and credit are the most important. These qualities inspire us to provide customers with high-quality products and services. We really appreciate your having a look at our online shopping site. We hope you have a pleasant shopping experience here. Have a nice day.

The Craft

The crafts we sell currently are mostly handmade or natural. Jade stone is a non-renewable mineral resource. So due to its non-renewable nature, the more developed you are, the less storage you require. You can not find the same texture in natural jade. So it is one of a kind. As for genuine leather bags most production processes are manual, excluding sewing machines. But only skilled craftsmen can use them.

Chinese calligraphy brushes are completely handcrafted with heart and love. Our personalized decorative brushes are more beautiful than traditional writing brushes. Honestly, the horsehair will have fallen off a little bit. Due to its decorative function, it is acceptable. Dongyang round wooden panels are very famous in China. And Dong Yang carved wood panels have been listed as intangible cultural heritage for many years. We can surely expand our market so long as we improve the quality of the product.