Crafted genuine leather bags

genuine leather bags

Craftsmen utilize genuine leather as their main material to make beautiful, varied bags for men and women. We call them genuine leather bags. The kinds of leather are abundant and variable. They include brushes-colored, bonded, die-cut, oily, pigmented, waxy, embroidered, printed, top and full grain, embossed, and more. There are far too many to choose from. So I analyze the kinds from the perspective of leather surface finish.

There are many categories of leather skins available. They are bison, cowhide, goat skin, lamb skin, calf skin, and more. Those mentioned leather skins are available to make shoes, bags, clothing, and other beautiful stuff. People make use of cowhide to make different real leather bags.

genuine cowhide leather

It is difficult to tell artificial leather and genuine leather apart for many clients. Because both of them are similar at first sight. A few bad guys take PU and PVC leather as real leather to benefit from illicit profits, and that is really troublesome. So how do we tell them apart? In my opinion, we can use the fire to burn them. There is a pungent plastic smell for PU or PVC leather bags after burning.

For handmade genuine leather bags, they are full of a human-hair smell. Because animal hair is similar to human hair. Meanwhile, their textures are completely different. Artificial leather has regular textures, while real leather does not. Of course, there are many ways to tell them apart. You can share what you know with someone else.

real leather bag

It is quite time-consuming for leather artists to finish beautiful and leather bags of high quality. The whole process is full of skill and patience. That is professional work. Leather bags are the ultimate fashion, which will improve people’s temperaments if you often wear them. Genuine leather bags are not only fantastic works of art but also an ideal choice for women’s or men’s gifts compared with PU or PVC bags.