Real leather bags: need 5 great steps

how to make leather bags

How to make real leather bags is a professional topic. Some artists can make beautiful leather bags with great quality and personalized styles. It needs to pay a lot of passion and energy. So, how to make leather bags is not easy. It is a complicated and skilled craft. Real leather bags actually bring you […]

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How to make great round wood carvings

round wood carvings

How to make great round wood carvings is an exciting topic. Wood carving is a traditional Chinese art and craft. And it has around a thousand years of history. In China, Dong Yang excellent carved wood panels are regarded as the most famous craftsmanship. Almost more than 70% of family members do their jobs in […]

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7 steps to make decorative Chinese brushes

Chinese brushes

Chinese brushes are a necessary writing utensil in China, so we refer to them as calligraphy brushes. Many people still learn Chinese calligraphy. Some people would like to regard Chinese brushes as decorative brushes. You will find those brushes displayed on the walls or desks for home decoration. Chinese brush is one of the four […]

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Chinese green jade: 6 best ways to tell

how to tell chinese green jade

It is difficult for many clients to understand six ways to tell Chinese green jade apart. Jade is a natural and original stone in itself, and China, there are thousands of categories for jade. Chinese jade is one of them, and not all jades are tested using the same methods. Authentic jade can make you […]

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