Wall carved wood panels

carved wood panels

Wall carved wood panels are handcrafted objects for home decoration. The shapes of wooden panels are variable. Most carved panels are round, square, or rectangular in shape, but sometimes they are irregular in shape. On the edge, artists will carve the design of auspicious clouds, and in the middle, they will sculpt different carvings.

Carved wood patterns are abundant. Each pattern has a special symbol behind its story. There are many special wooden carvings patterns, such as creatures, animals, birds, flowers, interesting Chinese characters, and the twelve Chinese zodiac signs. Now I will give a brief account of a few symbols, such as dragons and phoenixes. Those patterns are suitable for the designs of carved wood panels.

wooden carving panel pattern

The pattern of dragons is widely popular in wooden carvings. Chinese people have a deep belief that they are descendents of the dragon. The dragon is firmly embedded in their culture. In China, dragons stand for all the good things. Chinese people love dragons very much. So dragons are symbols of potent and auspicious powers.

The pattern of phoenixes is widely used in round wood panels. Legends say there is a huge, beautiful bird with colorful feathers and a nice voice that dances elegantly. We refer to the phoenix as the queen of birds. It brings a peaceful and auspicious atmosphere. Therefore, phoenixes represent elegance, harmony, and auspiciousness. Also the pattern of phoenix and dragon is available in the field of Chinese natural jade jewelry.

carved wood panels

When dragons and phoenixes are combined, it means you are an ideal couple. In China, there is a very famous saying about the ‘Dragon and Phoenix’ working in perfect harmony. The combination of dragons and phoenixes is commonly associated with weddings. If you own round wooden panels, they are great for wedding or anniversary gift ideas.

Camphor is utilized in round wood carvings. Camphor wood is a soft wood that is perfect for cutting and carving. The biggest advantage is that it has a nice, strong smell. Such a useful smell can drive out insects. Carpenters usually put a few small pieces of camphor wood in wardrobes and drawers. Sometimes they put them under wooden floors. Also, home décor designers will hang camphor wood panels for wall art decor as well as defending insects. People would like to put camphor-scented wooden crafts on the desks for ornamental purposes. According to my introduction of special symbols and camphor wood, you will know more about round wall carved wood panels.