A 16-bead large calligraphy brush is inspired interior decor


A 16-bead large calligraphy brush is inspired interior decor


Inch size: length: 21.5;  bead diameter: 1.45.

MM size:  length: 550;   bead diameter: 37.

LB weight: 1.98;  Gram weight: 900.

Materials: horse hair, jade stone, ox bone.

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A large calligraphy brush is great home decor and is perfect for unique home interior design ideas. There are sixteen stone beads on the brush`s handle. Beads are like Chinese abacuses. The colors are multiple, such as dark red, brown, tan, pink, and more. Personalized beaded brushes are antique and vintage-looking. The style is really rustic and distressed. Chinese calligraphy brushes are not only long but also large. So the large calligraphy brush is an inspired artwork.

Hereby let us clarify something as below:

    1. MM is the unit of millimeters.
    2. Due to manual dimensioning and weighing, the sizes and weights will be slightly changed.

Most calligraphy brushes are fine for painting or writing. In our old China, brushes belonged to calligraphy tools. Till now, many people still use them. But our brushes are completely different with them. It has characteristically beautiful decoration. You can hang Chinese brushes as wall art. The probability is that you are going to use them as desk accessories. Sometimes Chinese decorative brushes are perfect for special gifts. Just like personalized leather bags, both of them are handcrafted. Herewith, let me recommend beautiful natural jade jewelry for you.

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