Chinese wood carvings: 2 fearless dragons playing a pearl


Chinese wood carvings: 2 fearless dragons playing a pearl


Inch size: Diameter: 11;   Thickness: 0.6.

MM size: Diameter: 280; Thickness: 12.

LB weight: 0.88;   Gram weight: 400.

The Material: Solid camphor wood.

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Chinese wood carvings are designed with paired fearless dragons playing a pearl and are made of camphor wood as the raw material in a round shape. The diameter of the carved wood panels is 28 cm. The craftsmanship is really complicated and awesome. Such a beautiful art piece is ideal for wall art decoration ideas or personalized desk ornaments.

What are the symbols for two fearless dragons playing a pearl?

Double dragons playing a pearl mean people desire a rich and beautiful life. The dragon is the totem of the Chinese nation but also the symbol of the emperor; the emperor is called the King of Dragons, and the double fearless dragons playing a pearl are a symbol of auspicious wishes, as feng shui supplies; double dragons playing a pearl can add good luck to the home. Such an awesome kind of design is often available in Chinese wood carvings.

From an aesthetic and romantic point of view, people prefer to believe that dragon beads are called dragon balls, mainly night pearls. The dragon ball on the chin could be a pearl that protects against water and fire. In fact, in addition to the two dragons playing a pearl, there are also dragons playing a pearl with auspicious clouds, all of which express the meaning of chasing peace and longevity. Due to the special meaning of dragons, carvers make use of this to design different beautiful carvings. There is one post on how to make great round wood carvings.

What are Dongyang wood carvings in China?

Chinese wood carvings originated in Dongyang, Zhejiang, has a history of more than a thousand years since the Tang Dynasty, and is an excellent representative of Chinese folk carving art. Dongyang wood carvings are mainly flat reliefs with scattered perspective composition, rich layers, and light colors, each with their own distinctive characteristics.

In 2006, Dongyang wooden carvings were listed in the first batch of the national intangible cultural heritage. From the earliest wooden figurines to the decoration of palaces, temples, residences, and other buildings to modern ornaments, furniture, wall hangings, interior design, etc., under the inheritance and promotion of generations of wood carvers, this art has evolved and innovated for thousands of years, showing strong vitality.

The patterns are quite variable, from creatures to flowers, from characters to animals. There are some special meanings or symbols behind the story, such as dragons, phoenixes, goldfish, and lotus flowers. Soft camphor wood is ideal for carving. Camphor is a special wood for getting rid of insects. Decorative brushes and round dragon Chinese wood carvings are great options for home decor ideas.

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