100% natural healing jade bangles uplift the body and spirit


100% natural healing jade bangles uplift the body and spirit


According to your wrist`s size, please choose the correct option as below:

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These natural healing jade bangles are from one large jade stone, so the colors are very close. The main natural color is black. The black color is untreated, and it is authentic and genuine. There are a few imperfections inside natural jade bangles, like jade stone grains, snowflakes, black spots, or blocks. Natural jade bangles have the effect of healing energy and keeping your mind and spirit cool and peaceful. Anyway, they could promote your body’s health. peaceful.

There are five options for internal diameter. They are 53 MM, 58 MM, 59 MM, 62 MM, and 65 MM for selection.

  1. Ø is the diameter. is the height. T is the thickness (the distance from the internal diameter to the outer diameter). MM is the unit of millimeters.

Please note that the sizes and appearances of each healing jade bangle are a little bit different due to their hand-made nature and jade texture. They are one of a kind.

What are the benefits of wearing natural healing jade bangles?

Firstly, it could improve the body’s resistance.

We all know jade is a precious piece that has been nurtured for thousands of years and is a natural and beneficial mineral. Although it has been processed to make it into our favorite shape, its inside composition and structure have not changed.

Natural healing jade bangles contain a large number of trace elements that are beneficial to the human body, and long-term wear allows these trace elements to penetrate into our body through the skin, replenishing our body’s demand for trace elements and thereby uplifting our body, mind, and spirit. So the natural bangle has the effects of healing energy.

Secondly, it could enhance our sleeping quality.

Jade has a nourishing effect, which has been said since ancient times, so ancient emperors especially liked to use jade as a pillow to improve their sleeping quality. Although the jade bangle is worn on the hand, our wrists also have many sleep-related acupuncture points. Long-term wearing of natural jade bangles, when the jade bangle shakes, often massages our acupuncture points. So it has the effect of improving sleeping quality.

Thirdly, it could take care of our hearts.

We all know that most of the time women wear natural healing jade bangles with the custom of wearing them on the left hand because the left hand is closer to the heart than the right hand, and jade bangles have the effect of stabilizing minds and regulating heart pressure, which can make our heartbeat more peaceful.

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53 MM, 58 MM, 59 MM, 62 MM, 65 MM


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