32-bead jade bracelets: carved natural green lotus gemstones


32-bead jade bracelets: carved natural green lotus gemstones


Inch size: Green bead diameter: 0.39.  White bead diameter: 0.17.

MM size:  Green bead diameter: 10.  White bead diameter: 4.5.

LB weight: 0.0374.  Gram weight: 17.

The Material: Natural nephrite jade beads.

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There are 32 pieces of beads for jade bracelets. The material of sixteen beads are green nephrite jade and another sixteen are natural white nephrite jade. The origin of green nephrite jade is Russia. It is carved into the shape of lotus flowers. Each gemstone is carved and polished by hand with high quality levels. Beautiful bead jade bracelets are wonderful jewelry for girls and women. They are great healing jewelry when you often wear the beaded jade bracelet.

What is the symbolism of the beautiful lotus flower?

There are many meanings attached to lotus flowers in traditional Chinese culture. There is a very famous poem describing the spirit of lotus flowers in China. That is the lotus flowers are always clean and pure when grown out of the dirty mud, and are always seductive when purified by the clean water.

So in ancient times many literati loved to use lotus flowers to express their inner chastity. The lotus flower has the meaning of auspicious wealth, so many people will put lotus stickers to bring wealth to their homes. In addition to this, the lotus flower also symbolizes friendship. Nowadays, a lot of people still prefer to make use of beautiful and pure lotus flowers to design these unique bead jade bracelets.

What is Russian green nephrite jade?

Russian nephrite jade is a kind of nephrite stone, and the raw material is the primary mineral form. The mountain material is large in size, good in jade quality, less cracked, with fewer black spots, bright green in color, fine in texture, better oily and shiny, soft and moist in color, delicate in texture, and solemn in hue.

Such a special kind of nephrite stone is made into bracelets, bead strings, pendants, and handles in large quantities, which makes up for the lack of high-quality nephrite jade in China. So natural green bead jade bracelets make you very outstanding and beautiful.

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    2. Due to manual dimensioning and weighing, the sizes and weights will be slightly changed.
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