Shop a 12-mm natural green nephrite jade necklace for Lady


Shop a 12-mm natural green nephrite jade necklace for Lady


Inch size: Diameter of beads: 0.47.

MM size:  Diameter of beads: 12.

LB weight: 0.237.  Gram weight: 108.

The Material: Natural green nephrite jade.

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The green nephrite jade necklace is natural and genuine, without any treatment. The color of jade necklaces is a little bit darker green. There are about forty unique gemstones with round-shaped beads. The diameter of stone beads is about 12 mm.

Some green nephrite beads have a few black spots because of their natural texture. Due to its high quality, such a beautiful natural green nephrite jade necklace is a personalized jewelry gift for your lady or your wife. Natural nephrite jade has the function of healing energy and keeping your mind peaceful.

If you do not love your green jade necklace someday, you could make it into three bracelets or many selected earrings. So nephrite jade necklaces, earrings, and bracelets can be switched out for any occasion. Please give a brief account of natural green nephrite jade for your reference.

What are the main characteristics of natural nephrite jade?

There are three main characteristics of natural nephite jade stones.

1. The structure is compact, the content of tremolite is more than 95%, and the content of other mineral impurities is very small;

2. The color is pure, white as suet, black as thick ink, and yellow as chicken oil, with a gritty luster;

3. Tough texture; very wear-resistant; not easy to break.

Hereby let us clarify something as below:

    1. C is the circumference. MM is the unit of millimeters.
    2. Jade is a non-renewable mineral resource. There is no same texture inside of natural green nephrite jade. It is impossible to find the exact same one.
    3. Due to manual dimensioning and weighing, the sizes and weights of the necklace will be slightly changed.

There are a few jewelry categories for recommendation, like unique large jade statues, earring jewelry with 925-silver, natural pendants, and other craft decor. You also can consider 8-mm beautiful natural nephrite jade bead necklaces. Here we share the 6 best ways to tell Chinese green jade with you. If you are free to review our Chinese calligraphy brushes and round wall carved wood panels, that will be great. Different opinions or comments will be greatly appreciated.

Item Number: NGJ-852.

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