A 28-cm-round eagle wall art panel is carved in camphor wood


A 28-cm-round eagle wall art panel is carved in camphor wood


Inch size: Diameter: 11;   Thickness: 0.6.

MM size: Diameter: 280; Thickness: 12.

LB weight: 0.88;   Gram weight: 400.

The Material: Solid camphor wood.

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The eagle wall art panel is round in shape with a rustic finish. Camphor wood is the raw material. There is one circle of auspicious clouds engraved on the edge. In the middle, the eagle is flying on the great wall, facing the sun. There are some beautiful pine trees there. This is a really beautiful and perfect landscape.

The pattern of eagles is often available in wall art carved panels due to their great and special symbolism.

What is the meaning of eagles for round wall panels? And what does the eagle represent?

The eagle symbolizes freedom, bravery, strength, victory, and the spirit of courage and blood. The eagle has an extremely tenacious spirit; Mount Taishan does not bend down when he presses the top, and he does not bow his head when the waves are stormy.

At every moment, the eagle always maintains a full spirit, indomitable hard work, and the attitude of not giving up until the goal is achieved, which is a spirit that everyone should learn. Due to their proud nature, eagles have become a symbol of strength, courage, and masculinity. In legend, the eagle is the sun god, giving strength and encouragement, not afraid of thunderstorms and lightning.

Due to its great spirit and symbolism, you will love the eagle wall art panel.

So what is solid camphor wood, and what are the effects used in carving wood art wall panels?

Camphor wood is tough and has a fragrant smell. It can be made into wardrobes to store clothes and other items, which can prevent moths, mildew, and sterilization. Camphor wood is fine and dense, has a naturally beautiful texture, is tough, is not easy to break, and is not easy to produce cracks.

It has been the first-choice material for carving since ancient times. In addition, camphor wood is a traditional precious wood that can emit a special, strong aroma that lasts for years. This aroma makes camphor wood furniture have four unique practical functions: it is insect-proof, moth-proof, mildew-proof, and moisture-proof. Because of its many advantages for the panel, camphor wood is available in the Eagle wall art panel.

The eagle wall art panel is perfect for hanging on the wall for home decoration. Of course, you can use the carved wood panels to display ornamental use. Compared with unique natural jade jewelry, camphor wood is not a limited resource. but we still protect our forest’s wooden resources. We must avoid the random cutting of trees.

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