Natural gemstone pendants are healing energy stone jewelry


Natural gemstone pendants are healing energy stone jewelry


Inch size: H: 2.1;  W: 0.86;  D: 0.47.

MM size: H: 53;    W: 22;    D:  12.

LB weight: 0.033.  Gram weight: 15.

The Material: Natural green jade stone.

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Natural gemstone pendants are teardrop-shaped, and the color is a naturally unique light green. They are large jade pendants. Green gemstone pendants are great healing energy stone jewelry, and they are ideal and perfect for women’s jewelry gift ideas. Often, wearing natural green jade gemstone pendants will enhance your body`s energy. The pendant is an amazing healing energy stone.

What are the special effects of the healing energy gemstone jade in natural jade gemstone pendants?

The function of energy stones is to achieve antibacterial, odor absorption, temperature regulation, humidity control, electromagnetic shielding, energy savings, and health benefits through self-purification, self-healing, self-release, self-regulation, and adaptive high-tech materials.

Natural jade gemstone is a energy healing stone and it is often used in jade pendant jewelry.

One of the methods for preserving health is using a natural gemstone, which is a stone that helps the body regain its function. Mainly used for hyperthermia. In a high-temperature environment, gemstones can help the body expel waste. Strengthens the immune and secretory systems and has the ability to destroy and fight bacteria and viruses.

item specifications H is height. W is width. D is depth. MM is the unit of millimeters.

Each size of natural gemstone pendants is variable, so the net weight of healing stone jewelry will be correspondingly a little bit different.

Jade is a non-renewable mineral resource. There is no same texture inside of natural gemstone pendants. It is impossible to find the exact same one.

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Item Number: NGJ-253.

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