1″ natural white jade pendant, also known as a peace buckle


1″ natural white jade pendant, also known as a peace buckle


Inch size: Pendant diameter: 1;  Thickness: 0.43

MM size: Pendant diameter: 26;  Thickness: 11.

LB weight: 0.033.  Gram weight: 15.

The Material: natural white jade stones.

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The natural white jade pendant is one inch in diameter and has a round shape. In the middle of the jade pendant, there is a small hole. Such a kind of natural jade pendant is also known as a peace buckle, or Ping An buckle, in China. Natural white jade pendant jewelry is great for kids. Hopefully they are safe their whole life.

What is the peace buckle, and what is its symbolism or meaning?

The peace buckle, also known as the Ping An buckle, is a traditional ornament, shaped like an ancient copper coin, close to a button in size, sleek and flexible in shape, and has a beautiful meaning, entrusting people’s good wishes for safety and health. The inner circle of the safety buckle represents the peace and tranquility of the heart, and the outer circle symbolizes the chaos and infinity of the vast world.

Also, what is the material of the natural white jade pendant?

This type of white jade is known as five-color jade and the white color is one of natural colors. Its Chinese name is Jinsi jade. The origin is Gobi desert in Xingjiang province, China. The main composition is quartzite. Mohs hardness is between 6.8 and 7.2. Such jade is available in a white jade bead necklace.

Hereby let us clarify something as below:

    1. MM is the unit of millimeters.
    2. Jade is a non-renewable mineral resource. There is no same texture inside of the natural white jade pendant. It is impossible to find the exact same one.
    3. We took all images ourselves. Real objects are a little bit better than the images shown on the site due to our poor photography skills. Our real objects look dim in the images. So please understand it.

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