A 56-bead natural white jade necklace has untreated stones


A 56-bead natural white jade necklace has untreated stones


Inch size: C: 19; Diameter of beads: 0.315.

MM size:  C: 480; Diameter of beads: 8.

LB weight: 0.11.  Gram weight: 50.

The Material: Natural white jade gemstone.

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A natural white jade necklace has 56 pieces of round beaded stones, and the diameter of the stone beads is 8 mm in round shape. We call the white jade stone Gold silk jade here. White is a beautiful and natural color for Gold silk jade. It is untreated. Natural white jade jewelry is fantastic for women and girls and will promote your body`s energy due to its natural quality. It is a useful healing stone if you often wear the natural jade necklace.

What is gold silk jade?

Gold silk jade is a kind of quartzite mineral, and it is also a kind of aphanitic quartzite jade in essence. Gold Silk Jade has the same composition as crystal, both of which are silica, but there are a few different components and structures inside. The biggest advantage of gold silk jade is that its shape is very beautiful and its colors are also variable. It can be roughly divided into red, yellow, and white colors. Sometimes a few different natural colors will be mixed together.

There are a few imperfections left on the beaded gemstones, such as snowflakes, small black spots, stone grains, and a few small cracks inside. It is very normal for real jade to exist. We can guarantee they are genuine and authentic jade necklaces without any treatment, indeed.

Hereby let us clarify something as below:

    1. C is the circumference. MM is the unit of millimeters.
    2. Jade is a non-renewable mineral resource. There is no same texture inside of a 56-bead natural white jade necklace. It is impossible to find the exact same one.
    3. Due to manual dimensioning and weighing, the sizes and weights will be slightly changed.

There are many product categories for jewelry at our shop. They are nice bracelets, genuine bangle jade, real natural pendants, beautiful earrings, large jade statues, and handmade craft decor. Natural jade jewelry is unique, and each piece has a different texture inside.

Item Number: NGJ-758.

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