How to make great round wood carvings

round wood carvings

How to make great round wood carvings is an exciting topic. Wood carving is a traditional Chinese art and craft. And it has around a thousand years of history. In China, Dong Yang excellent carved wood panels are regarded as the most famous craftsmanship. Almost more than 70% of family members do their jobs in this handmade artwork. Wooden carvings are popular not only on the domestic market but also worldwide.

From wooden raw materials, camphor wood is suitable for wood carving art because it is relatively soft and also because camphor wood has a good smell. Of course, you can use elm and fir wood as raw materials. Wood carvings are sculpted with sharp knives and other carpenter’s tools. There are a lot of variable designs or themes, such as good luck, animals, flowers, persons, and more. As you can imagine, designers can cut them into crafts by hand.

camphor wood carving

I will give a brief account of how to make wood carvings by hand.

Firstly, it is the rough performance. This basic process is fundamental, and the craftsmanship is from top to bottom, front to back, from the outside to the inside, and from the shallower to the deeper.

Secondly, it carves thin slabs. The main goal of craftsmanship is to design holistically and then cut the different parts of the wood. Artists will use all kinds of carpenters` tools for cutting and sculpting. During this process, many devices are involved, such as carving knives, beveled knives, flat knives, repaired knives, electric planers, hand-held sanders, an electric saw, garland machines, and more.

The third process is the sleeking. As mentioned in the previous two processes, there is a lot of out-of-flatness inside the wood. You need to repair them again and again until they are flat.

The fourth step is sanding. Wood is a natural raw material, and artists must use the tool to stand it.

The last one is to paint different lacquers on round wood carvings. After drying them, we finish all processes. This is the last step in learning how to make wood carvings.

how to make wood carvings

We hope you have already read some information on how to make round wood carvings. There are many different designs of wooden carvings for your reference. Carved wall decoration is perfect for hanging crafts and interior design ideas. Now let us see a picture as below:

round wood carvings