Chinese green jade: 6 best ways to tell

how to tell chinese green jade

It is difficult for many clients to understand six ways to tell Chinese green jade apart. Jade is a natural and original stone in itself, and China, there are thousands of categories for jade. Chinese jade is one of them, and not all jades are tested using the same methods. Authentic jade can make you healthier if you often wear it. Here, I will simply explain how to tell whether Chinese green jade is true or false. There is a post introducing natural jade jewelry for your reference.

Chinese green jade

Firstly, as you know, jade is a natural mineral stone, so in jade stones, there is a natural texture or grain. Many people will think it is a flaw inside, but in fact, it is a symbol and character of real Chinese jade.

Secondly, in green jade, under sunlight or light, there are some impurities containing flocculant, which is normal. If the jade is fake, which is full of plastic inside, there are some air bubbles. Apparently, it is very easy to tell which is true or false.

Thirdly, you can put jade on the gas light. The temperature will reach 1000 degrees. If you fire other general materials, such as plastics, they are burned. While authentic Chinese jade is still in good condition.

Fourthly, you can use heavy bottles piece to scratch jade stones, and as a result, Chinese stone jade cannot be scratched. Please do not use thinner glass to test it. Only heavier glass bottles will make it more accurate.

Fifthly, customers can use sharp knives or stainless steel to touch and scratch the stone on the surface of the jade. If it is real jade, it is still smooth without any bad effects.

Lastly, jade’s colors are variable. You can often find green, yellow, tan, natural, and more. The color green is widely visible in jade mineral stones. It is hard to identify whether colors are real or not. Green jade is quite natural at first sight. Green is smooth and fresh, without a tedious feeling. Some bad guys use acid cleaning to duplicate natural green, which is the worst thing ever.

how to tell chinese green jade jewelry

Chinese green jade is nice natural jewelry, and every customer can hopefully get a real and beautiful piece. But in the market, some sellers get money against their authentic management principles. The above methods of testing are simple, and we believe there are numerous other methods of testing Chinese stone jade. Hopefully, those can help you a little bit about six ways to tell Chinese green jade.