Real leather bags: need 5 great steps

how to make leather bags

How to make real leather bags is a professional topic. Some artists can make beautiful leather bags with great quality and personalized styles. It needs to pay a lot of passion and energy. So, how to make leather bags is not easy. It is a complicated and skilled craft. Real leather bags actually bring you something personalized and fashionable. There are 5 steps to making fantastic, awesome bags, as below:

Step one: cutting the leather

Firstly, you need to make a sample design based on the hard paper in case the leather is out of shape. Secondly, you have to use the special pens to outline the designs you want according to sample paper. Thirdly, use the knife to cut the leather carefully.

Step two: Dealing with both sides of leather

You can spray some oils for the first layer of leather. Make the leather clean and smooth. On the back of leather you put a few CMC to make it flat.

Step three: Gluing both sides of leather

Firstly, if we need to glue leather into double layers, we can use 801 superglues to put them tightly.

Secondly, leather need to be glued temporarily in order to position the holes. When double layers of leather, it is easy to be out of position. After punching the holes by hand, you can separate leather easily.

Step four: drilling the hole

You can drill them by hole punchers based on the design. Draw a stitch at the place where you want to sew to ensure that the hole will not be skewed.

Step five: Sewing up the leather and zipper.

Once your first zipper is sewn in place, take your other large leather and align it to the other end of the zipper, and again sew along the zipper, making sure to always back stitch to lock in place. The top portion is now right in place, and it’s on to the rest.

real women leather bags

 There are modern sewing machines that facilitate the entire process, still requiring continuous manual work. They are handmade with heart and love. We just introduce a few processes on how to make real leather bags for your reference. Beautiful genuine leather bags are perfect for men’s or women’s tastes.