9 round auspicious carved fish wood panels in water & grass


9 round auspicious carved fish wood panels in water & grass


Inch size: Diameter: 11;   Thickness: 0.6.

MM size: Diameter: 280; Thickness: 12.

LB weight: 0.77;   Kg weight: 0.36.

The Material: Solid camphor wood.

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Carved fish wood panels are round in shape. There are nine fish swimming in the water and on the grass. We call this kind of fish carp in China. Carp is a special fish. Carp has a special auspicious symbolic significance among Chinese people.

Nice carp fish swim and live there, which is really free and harmonious. In sum, it is symbolized by freedom, harmony, and being auspicious. Round carp carved fish wood panels are ideal and perfect for unique wall art decor.

Please note that MM is the unit of millimeters for the round carved panel.

Chinese camphor wood carvings are famous for their woody smell. Although camphor wood is not a really expensive wood, it is ideal for carving. Camphor wood belongs to the soft wood family. so you can save less time sculpting soft wood than hard wood. And meanwhile, the smell of wood will get rid of insects.

Round wood carvings are perfect for hanging on the wall for home decoration. Of course, you can use the stand to display ornaments. Compared with unique natural jade jewelry, camphor wood is not a limited resource. but we still protect our forest’s wooden resources. We must avoid the random cutting of trees, and it is our duty to protect our natural environment and living space.

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