Carved Phoenix wood panels: a rare wall decor craft (28 cm)


Carved Phoenix wood panels: a rare wall decor craft (28 cm)


Inch size: Diameter: 11;   Thickness: 0.6.

MM size: Diameter: 280; Thickness: 12.

LB weight: 0.88;   Gram weight: 400.

The Material: Solid camphor wood.

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Carved Phoenix wood panels are made of solid camphor wood. Camphor wood has a unique flavor that repels insects. The wooden panel is round in shape, and there is a special sign for an elegant phoenix creature. Wall art panels are perfect for home interior design ideas. On the edges of round panels, there are many engraved clouds. The diameter of the carved Phoenix wood panels is 28 cm.

What is the symbolism or meaning of phoenixes?

The phoenix is a symbol of luxury, stalwartness, progress, and peace. It is the auspicious bird in Chinese people’s minds. The phoenix also represents happiness and auspiciousness. In ancient Chinese legends, the phoenix is the king of birds. It has a very high status in Chinese culture and is one of the four spirits in the Book of Rites. It symbolizes happy and harmonious love. In addition, in China, the phoenix was also a symbol of power. So the pattern of carved phoenixes is widely available in wooden panels because of its special and unique symbol.

Please note that MM is the unit of millimeters.

Handcrafted wooden carvings are getting more and more popular and attractive nowadays because they are full of complicated craftsmanship. Each step of sculpting should be very careful, or you will ruin the artwork. Also, it is a creative job on how to make excellently carved wood panels.

The patterns are quite variable, from creatures to flowers, from characters to animals. There are some special meanings or symbols behind the story. Soft camphor wood is ideal for carving. Camphor is a special wood for getting rid of insects.

Decorative brushes and round wood carvings are great options for home decor ideas.

If possible, please have a look at the carved panel and how to make great wood carvings. At our shop, you can also review other fantastic handcrafts, such as leather bags and  natural jade jewelry.

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